Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Dose of Hip-Hop Vol. 2: "The Indisputable Sound"

messy or creative?

SERIOUSLY, from 6:05PM to 4:01AM , I've been working this hip-hop mix for approximately 10 hours with quick breaks and barely any rest (home from work, started mix, had dinner, practiced a bit of locking, failed to clean the pad and then went straight to mix again... times like these makes me wish I had serato... OH WELL, vinylz 4 life!). I couldn't unhook myself from addiction, I was determined to get this mix down by the end of the night, and by 3:38AM I started going delirious and getting lightheaded (...but whatever). After about 20-30 attempts redo-ing this mix to keep it squeakier than squeakiest, and after the editing and amplfying up of numerous sections of the mix, and overall, before the breakadawn, I was able to bring ya'll this mix. Enjoy.

A Dose of Hip-Hop Vol.2: "The Indisputable Sound"

1. Common - The Game
2. Cella Dwellas - Land of The Lost
3. InI feat. Pete Rock - No More Words
4. Reflection Eternal - 2000 Seasons
5. Black Sheep - Make Munnne
6. Common - Resurrection
7. Kym Rae - Laid Back (Def Squad Re-mix)
8. Das Efx - Mic Checka
9. People Under The Stairs - The Brownout
10. Talib Kweli - Never Been In Love
11. Dam-Funk - Burn Rubber
12. Platinum Pied Pipers - Act Like You Know (Ge-ology mix)
13. A Tribe Called Quest feat. Erykah Badu - U C Me Doin' It (instr.) (talk with DJ nPrevail)
14. A Tribe Called Quest feat. Erykah Badu - U C Me Doin' It


  1. So you know how you named it "The Indisputable Sound"? I think it's quite appropriate. Really great mix you put up here.. Now go get some sleep or something haha.

  2. DOPEEE.

    is there an mp3 version? a dose of hip-hop vol. 2 = STUDY MIX.

  3. to download these mixes or any music, right click on the file name and "Save As..."

  4. Is there anyway you could upload the Kym Rae track by itself? Or better yet, the internet is still missing the entire Kym Rae EP and Laid Back 12" single. So rips of any or all of those would be amazing if at all possible.