Monday, March 23, 2009

My time has flown out the window...

It's been awhile since I've posted, and the simplest explanation I can offer is that I've been busy. No I haven't reached a hiatus with the website and my mixes, I just haven't had the time and energy I once had before school, work and cold/flu/asthma teamed up to ruin my creativity. Lately my time has been divided between school, work, organizing and life, which has been absorbing a lot of my energy and time, giving me little or no time to get back in the zone.

I've also been working on a project about Filipino hip hop dance teams and I structured the project through collecting interviews and conducting ethnographic observations. The project's been consuming a lot out of me. I failed to have a mix (or 3) up this passed month, so I'll make it up by posting this week's Breaks & Samples article tomorrow in hopes that it'll compensate for lost time. For now, academia and the "9 to 5" wins...

Monday, March 16, 2009

One Imagination performs @ Blue Cafe 3.14.09

"Remember a time when time was not worth remembering." ~The Guns

This past Saturday, One Imagination performed at a One Love Community event at the Blue Cafe in downtown Long Beach.

One Imagination is an art collective that focuses on assisting the community with workshops and artistic performances of self-consciousness and creativity. Besides our openly interpretable purpose statement, we're literally a loosely-based group of individuals who support one another in pursuit of our art and goals in life. Everyone is welcome to join our collective, with artistic talent or complete lack thereof, anyone can join because "everyone is an artist, you just have to manifest your creativity to let your art out there." ~Jumakae.

One Imagination @ Blue Cafe.

Canela Negra

Barikuda from One Love Community.


John Wayne (left) and Avi the mos' ill (right), reppin' as 2 of the Three Musketeers

A future MC.

Queen Herstory and her "Royal Crumpers"

The Guns

Ryan aka "Asian Bad Boy"

Sumi aka Rae Motonaga

SelphConscious (Edwin)

Album: One Imagination performs @ Blue Cafe 3.14.09

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Darfur Fundraising Event @ Grandstar Jazz Club

Last Sunday I took the train to Chinatown to catch Jumakae and Avi do their thing at a Darfur fundraising event at Grandstar Jazz Club.

@ the show.

Jumavi (or Avikae?)


just outside.

Besides the event I took a few artistic shots around the town. No favorites yet, but nice desktop pictures.

Mystic performed as one of closing artists. She put up a really good show, performing classics such as "The Life" and other various tracks. She also talked about the struggle in Darfur, reasons why we need to maintain community and other ways of contributing to society. As June put it, "she's like a mom."

meeting Mystic.

Later that night we wound up in Seva Cafe back in LB. Seva Cafe is a weekly event held at Zephyrs Cafe every Sunday from 7pm-9pm, where the organization Be The Cause serves delicious vegetarian food and shares positive vibes with one another, making this place a warm, homey-like haven. Also all the meals are paid by donations of individuals who have eaten prior to your visit. A nonprofit restaurant of volunteering servers; beautiful.

i love the BTC (basil,tomato and cheese sandwich)

album: darfur fundraiser @ grandstar jazz club