Wednesday, April 29, 2009

R U Long Beach?

I was at an art show a few weeks ago, one that my friend and a Long Beach art and cultural collective put together. "R U Long Beach," name of the collective and the event, featured a beautiful display of work from various artists of LB, overfilling the warehouse venue with a mass of hipsters, college students and bohemians alike. The location, enhanced with creative graffiti wall art, skateboard-shredded quarter pipes, resonant reggae and 80s throwback music and dim twilight lighting, only made the scene better that what one would imagine in essence of any other art show.

the brothers.

mark canto.

Yet the event didn't last for long...

Cops came through and busted the event; a lot of injustice went down. One of my buddies was cited for DJing without possessing "a DJ license" (aka a "mobile DJ business license." Yes, there is such a thing...). Another friend was arrested for "ignoring" the officer and closing the entrance's front door on him. The cop responded with an inconsiderably powerful kick, swinging the door hitting several other bystanders, surely a duty in an officer's protocol "to protect and serve." Hopefully the next function doesn't go down like this...

(Chronologically, my pictures of the police occurred prior to taking pictures of the art show. In our first encounter of the police, the show was busted but a compromise was made and the show continued. Although in our second encounter, the cops completely shut down the event. I re-ordered the chronology of the pictures for the sake of my writing composition. I also felt that explaining this in the beginning of the article would have been too complicated and discouraged you fellow viewers from reading further).

R U Long Beach 4.11.09

For more information on "R U Long Beach":

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hip Hop Helps the World

It's been awhile since I last wrote an article post on look&listen, and rather than venting the last several weeks aloud like a ranting twitter page, I'm gonna move forward and make the best to provide tasty updates.

Next Sunday is a special fund raising event for a talented group of kids who flew all the way from Cambodia to tour around the U.S. and do one thing... breakdance!

And you're probably thinking, "what's the big deal? They're just another b-boy crew, what of them?"

Tiny Toones, and I don't mean "all the little loonies" of Steven Spielberg, is an organization that teaches the youth in Cambodia how to b-boy/b-girl while also providing the children with the motivation to stay in school, avoid gangs and stay drug free. What started out as a solo b-boying session, "KK" aka Tuy Sobil, the founder of the organization, was approached by a set of kids who were inspired by his fresh style. The kids were eager to learn and KK was willing to teach, hence Tiny Toones, an org teaches b-boying.

The crew has been on tour around the U.S. for the last couple of weeks. This upcoming Sunday, May 3, 2009, is one of their last events of their tour, which is going to be held at the Chuco Justice Center of Inglewood, CA. Come join us for this special all ages event. We're accepting $5-10 dollar donations at the door and we won't be refusing anyone if you cannot donate. There's a line up of some great performers and b-boying/b-girling action, along with bracelet making, graffiti tagging, live art, T-shirt silk screen making and other family fun recreational activities.

Tiny Toones Community Event & Fundraiser
Sunday May 3rd
5:00PM - 10:00 PM
Chuco's Justice Center
1137 E. Redondo Blvd
Inglewood, CA 90321

For more information, go to

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Save our cafes!

About two and a half weeks ago I spun at Diggin' Sunday and attended the Lost Souls Cafe fundraiser in support of both cafes that struggle to stay afloat in this sinking economy. It's no question that business is bad every place you go, but what's more depressing is walking through the streets of downtown to find all these small businesses immediately gone, with tons of for lease posters sticking on empty windows and pickets signs standing near the front door. The world is literally becoming a ghostown and it's up to the people to keep these business running. But if business fails, we should cherish our last moments with these mom and pop shops.
(RIP Acres of Books, the original Shades of Afrika and the many small shops from around).

Diggin' Sunday @ Tribal Cafe
Diggin' Sunday is this open turntables event that's held every 3rd Sunday of the month in a cafe spot called Tribal Cafe. DJs and record collectors from different parts of LA county (but not limited to) come to this spot in Historic Filipinotown to spin some good soul/funk/80s RnB/90s throwback/rock music with hopes that it attracts music enthusiasts and customers for the business. Besides being an attraction, Diggin' Sunday is a free event that provides a perfect atmosphere for some loungin', reading, rendez-vous spot for friends, digging into some good eats and (in my opinion) an ease to your mind, ridding the stresses of life. Josh, the owner of Tribal Cafe, serves some delicious sandwiches and fruit smoothies. For any first timer, I recommend trying the Adobo sandwich with a large Pina Colada. I claim the Adobo sandwich as the cafe's trademark specialty; I don't know many other cafes that make such a sandwich.

Pictures from Diggin' 2.15.09 & 3.15.09

DJ Waxstyles


joel quizon


sudoku, my old addiction is calling me back.

the cafe & etc...

Lost Souls cafe
Lost Souls cafe is another coffee shop venue that puts up some dope performances by various community artists and traveling performers. A performing artist collective called Tuesday Night Katalyst (TNKat), particularly holds their first three showcases at Lost Souls cafe as they start off the new season. TNKat provides a space for featured artists and open mic performers to perform in front of a live and web-streamed audience. It's a free event held in Lost Souls cafe and in the Aratani Courtyard in Jtown LA. Check out their webpage for updates of their shows.

Lost Souls cafe 3.15.09

walking through downtown LA

@ Lost Souls

In front is daytime... back is night.

some light graffiti fun.